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Daniel Sánchez Velasco was born in Avilés, Asturias, Spain in 1972. He began his musical studies when he was 9, studying clarinet and piano. When he was 16, he finish his career of clarinet with Matrícula de Honor and Extraordinary Award End of Career. He begins to work like clarinet teacher when he was 17. He has studied with José Luis Estellés, Peter Handsworth and Andreas Weisgerber in the Conservatorio Superior de Oviedo. In 1989 he has masterclasses in Madrid with the first clarinet of the ONE Enric Pérez. in 1992 he goes to Karlsruhe (Germany) where he continues his clarinet studies with the profesor Wolfgang Meyer in the Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe.

He has made curses of specialization in clarinet with the teachers Michelle Carulli, Hans Lemser, Hans Deinzer, Eddie Daniels, Sabine Meyer, Guy Deplus, Colin Bradbury, among others.

He has been member of the National Youth Orchestra of Spain (JONDE) and has colaborated with several symphonic orchestras of Germany. He has played with the National Orchestra of Spain (ONE).

He has been charter member of the Ibérica Octet and Tempus Quintet.

Since 1994 he is co-principal clarinet of the Asturian Symphonic Orchestra (OSPA).

His career as composer starts at the age of 15 with his Quintet for 2 violins, cello, clarinet and flute, which was premiered the same year of its composition. Subsequently he wrote a Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra which he premiered 2 years later as soloist with the Orchestra of Avilés Conservatory.

He has done many arrangements and transcriptions for Symphony Orchestra, Bands, Chamber Groups, etc.

Daniel provided the theme music for the Miss Asturias Pageant in 2001 y 2002. The Radio Station Cadena Ser has depended on him for several jingles. He also has provided the music for several short movies.

Among these orchestral soundtracks were those for the movie of Moisés Romera Trinidad and also for the short Sirenito, which will soon be premiered on Channel 9 of the Valencian Community. Also from the same Director, he has compose the music for Mamás y Papás. These movies were granted special staure by the Spanish Film community as they won several awards. In both, the importance of the music was given special notice.

In november of 2004, he had his first performance of his piece Prisoner, one of the movements of his Chad Symphony. The players were the Gijón Symphonic Orchestra (before Millenium Orchestra), with Oliver Díaz like conductor.

On December 2005 the Symphonic Orchestra City of Oviedo (OSCO) has played for the first performance two of his most recent creations: Cantábrico's Overture and On the Castro. The conductor was for this occasion Karl Sollak.

Also in that month of December the Young Symphonic Orquestra of Asturias (JOSPA) has played a piece exclusively ordered for the extraordinary christmas concert Christmas Suite and also his piece Celeste.

On June 2006 was presented two orchestral arrangements of Jazz tunes by John Falcone and Alfredo Morán. The works were performed by the Asturias Symphony Orchestra, with whom D.S.V. has been co-principal clarinet since 1994. The pieces, "Rincones" and "Yellow Crayon Express" are for jazz quartet and orchestra and are clearly written in the Jazz idiom, suitable for performance by classical musicians. The Orquestra was conducted by Pablo González.

On August 2006 the Symphonic Orchestra of Asturias take two pieces of D.S.V. for its concerts over the small towns in Asturias. The pieces were Cantabrico's Overture and On the Castro. The conductor was Virginia González.

The music of Daniel Sánchez Velasco has many different influences; besides the "classical" because of his career education, we can attribute other styles like Jazz, Pop, Electroacoustic Music and Hollywood composers such as John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri, James Newton Howard, etc.